Cloud Services

At ZDAPT, our approach to cloud services is based on a commitment to people, processes, and partnerships. We help our customers build cloud initiatives and manage the cloud adoption lifecycle from cloud strategy, roadmap, design, migration, and application modernization to cybersecurity, compliance, and ongoing support.

Our technical knowledge is only part of the picture. We focus on training and cultivating the best people to solve complex challenges, fine-tuning our process for consistent and repeatable results, and building on longstanding partnerships with the world’s leading cloud platforms like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform.

Cloud Solutions

Increase productivity, cybersecurity, and scalability with the latest in cloud technology. ZDAPT enables Cloud Transformation, Adoption, and migration that leverage market-leading products like Office365, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud to move your business forward

  • Cloud-Native Transformation
  • Cloud Strategy Assessment
  • Hybrid Cloud Solutions Management
  • Cloud Data Migration
  • Multi-Cloud Solutions
  • Cloud Application Hosting
  • Cloud Platform Services

Application Modernization Services

ZDAPT Cloud-Native application development principles and consulting services help in transforming your legacy applications to become more agile and efficient through the power of new IT in a robust, automated modernization approach. We also enable the migration of applications to new microservices and serverless architecture with Cloud Native Transformation, including the integration of new functionality to create new value from an existing application.

Application Modernization Services offerings

  • Legacy Application Modernization Assessment
  • Application Re-Engineering
  • Technology Migration
  • Application Re-Platform and Re-Hosting
  • Cloud-Native Transformation
  • DevOps Automation with Security
  • Cloud-Native Enablement
  • Cloud Application Management
  • Cloud-Native Engineering
  • Cloud-Native Development

Cloud Security and DevSecOps

ZDAPT offers continuous cloud Security, managed security services, Governance risk, and compliance management, and real-time monitoring solutions. We also manage cloud data security with our proven Multi-Layered Security Framework and Automated DevSecOps Security Pipeline.

Strategic Cloud security and DevSecOps offerings

  • Cloud Security Strategy
  • DevSecOps Security Assessment
  • Governance, Risk, and Compliance
  • Continuous Security Solutions
  • Security Monitoring Services

DevOps Transformation

Digital and Cloud-Native Transformation have impacted various types of Enterprises, but with the traditional approach, Most of the enterprises are facing challenges adapting to digital Transformation. DevOps plays a significant role in an enterprise transformation with Cloud Native and Continuous Experimentation. Enterprise DevOps Solutions, with its faster collaboration, increasing efficiency approach helps in enhancing the automation and architecture Models.

DevOps Offerings

• DevOps Tooling for Automation
• Integrating DevOps with Security – DevSecOps
• DevOps Build and Release Automation – Faster Release Cycle
• DevOps Intelligence with Analytics
• Cloud-Native Transformation
• Continuous Architecture for Applications

Big Data Services and Strategy

ZDAPT provides enterprise engineering and implementation solutions for identifying critical data, how to secure and govern it with the right management and visualization platforms, tools, and processes. Big Data Services offering includes identification of business-relevant analytical tools and capabilities to develop a data-driven culture and break database silos and gain actionable insights.

Big Data Services Offering

• Enterprise Data Strategy
• Cloud Data Warehouse Solutions
• Data Governance and Catalog Services
• DevOps For Big Data and Analytics
• Real-Time and Stream Processing and Analytics

IoT Platform and Solutions

ZDAPT offers IoT Solutions and Services for enabling Enterprises to adopt IoT Platform as a Service for building Scalable and Predictive analytics and decision-making Applications. IoT Solutions leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Edge Computing for Improving Operational Efficiency with Reduced Latency by integrating and transforming Business Processes.

 IoT Solutions Offering

• IoT Platform Solutions on Cloud and On-Premises
• IoT Device Management
• IoT Data Management
• IoT Analytics and Predictive Maintenance
• IoT Data Visualization and Dashboard Design
• IoT Security
• IoT Edge Compute Solutions
• IoT Edge Machine learning Solutions